This is it! At last, it's time to head off on your summer vacations: warm sand, mountain walks, family time, aperitifs with friends... But before that, there's the unavoidable task of packing your suitcase! A headache between "must-haves" and "favorites". We've put together a list of summer essentials to help you out.

Before we can pack anything, we need a suitcase! What better than the brand that has followed you since middle school, that saw your first crushes, your first fights, but also your first vacations? The brand Eastpak is our reference and our little Proust's madeleine. Their suitcases are as light as they are practical.

Whether you're going to the beach or the mountains, a swimsuit is a must. Ours comes from SoweBiarritz. A perfect fit, beautiful details and a fair price! For baby, we like swimwear from Les Petits Dorés.

We'll also be taking along a nice towel from Slowtide (your guarantee of having the nicest towel on the beach so you can show off), and organic creams from EQ, which respect our health and our planet, so we don't get sunburned and ruin our skin and our vacations. Don't forget a large Mizu water bottle to keep yourself and baby hydrated, as well as JollyMama squares for a healthy snack full of energy.

A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without a good magazine. We're slipping the sublime parent/child magazine Doolittle into our suitcase.

And don't forget Pipouette , which is sure to become your child's best friend (tested and approved!).

Sunglasses, of course! For us, a pair of MokenOrganic Eyewear made from bio-sourced materials.

For baby, we've chosen Ki Et La sunglasses, which are fun and provide the best possible protection for the fragile eyes of toddlers.

What should we wear on our feet? Here again, we opt for the brand we grew up with, and just because we're becoming parents doesn't mean we have to change our style! So we're taking our favorite pair of Vans which we wear for the beach as well as for late-night aperitifs.

For strolls, we think of our Carry & Pack - Mama Hangs. The only baby carrier that installs in record time and folds into its integrated pocket to become small and compact. To keep baby busy while he's being carried, we slip on a pretty MintyWendy necklace so he can play with it instead of our hair!

At the end of the day, the pretty BibRonds Élhée will enable baby to drink his milk peacefully while leafing through a book (in our house, the star is Ptit Loup 🙂 ). Once again, we love this brand, which we used a lot with Romy after a year of breastfeeding. The only surgical silicone bottle with a teat that mimics the shape of a mother's nipple.

At bedtime, if your baby is used to falling asleep with a pacifier, we take along the prettiest and healthiest of all Bibs pacifiers.

That's it! We hope you've taken notes and found our tips useful. On that note, we wish you a wonderful vacation filled with sweet memories!