Audrey Delemot

"Choosing the right baby carrier is a question that's always on the minds of parents and childcare professionals alike!

The baby carrier designed by Mama Hangs meets all the criteria dear to chiropractors. As a specialist in posture and the spine in particular, I was keen to find a clear answer to this question, which my patients regularly ask me.

Mama Hangs products guarantee a good fit for the baby: not only do they tilt the pelvis to round out the back (the famous physiological position), but they also provide a well thought-out adjustment of the hip spacing and, last but not least, the comfort of the fabric, which adapts without becoming too loose.

For the parent-carrier, load distribution is even: no tugging sensation in the shoulders and weight distributed slightly over the pelvis. Adjustments are less fine-tuned than with knotted wraps, but the fabric selected offers the ability to adapt to Mom's or Dad's morphology with comfort.

The work undertaken by the brand deserves to be applauded, as these products respect the physiology of both parents and baby!

I wish you a wonderful babywearing adventure!

childcare assistant and Magic Maman jury

Vinciane Leroux

"The Summer Mama babywearing T-shirt from Mama Hangs is an ally for parents from the moment baby is born. It lets mom curl her newborn up against her, and lets newborns feel the warmth and presence of mom against her heart, which they can hear beating as if it were in the hollow of her belly. All you have to do is slip it on, and you're ready to welcome baby close to you: it's very practical and easy to use. The system allows you to carry your baby safely from 3.5kg up to around 10kg. It is equipped with a system for tightening the sides to adapt the carrying position to baby's weight, as well as intermediate pressures to support the neck of the smallest babies. Finally, there are snaps between baby and mom to make breast-feeding easier.

This babywearing t-shirt is particularly useful when you're out and about, so you don't have to set up another babywearing device every time. It also allows parents to have their hands free, for example, to take care of the meal or the grown-ups, when baby is crying out for attention. Baby is instantly reassured, and can fall asleep peacefully against Mum, who can go about her business with her newborn against her. This little revolution fully respects baby's physiological position, and therefore his hips. Its material - 95% GOTS organic cotton and 5% elastane - is very pleasant to wear, it's comfortable, and the feeling of security is very much present. So you can feel confident carrying your baby!

This pretty tee-shirt can certainly be given as a gift to the mother-to-be, or put on her birth list. It's an easy way to carry baby, and I can't recommend it highly enough, since it's so comfortable and safe!"

nurse, babywearing instructor and perinatal coach

Mélanie Ballais

"I recently tried out the Mama Hangs babywearing t-shirts and I'm totally won over! This carrying system is very easy to use and fully respects the child's physiological position. Everyone feels at ease, and the material is soft and comfortable. I highly recommend this brand's baby carriers!"

psychomotricienne D.E

Philippine Lapuyade

"A babywearing tool is a real must-have when your baby is born. There are so many products on offer, but it's sometimes difficult to find the tool that's practical for everyday use, yet still respects baby's physiology.
The Carry and Pack is a great intermediate between a sling and a preformed baby carrier. It meets all the criteria for respecting baby's physiology from birth, and also offers undeniable practicality of use for parents.
Baby's installation is quick and easy if the size for the carrier is well chosen from the outset. On the baby's side, he or she is in a seated position, with the pelvis well positioned: this respects the C-shaped back, essential for toddlers, and ensures natural support of the head against the adult. The back of the head and the feet are thus free of any support, favoring a curled-up posture rather than an extended one. In addition, the tightening link between the legs makes it possible to adapt the spacing according to age. Carrying is done at "kissing height", preserving the wearer's back.
In short, whether at home or out and about, you can carry your baby without moderation from birth in the Carry and Pack! And I mean without moderation, because no, a baby is never "carried too much", and he won't get into any bad habits."