With the arrival of baby, one of the main questions from your loved ones is (almost) systematically: "What do you need?". And out of politeness, we all too often reply, "Oh you know, just take what makes you happy, that's the main thing!" It's not uncommon for us to end up with :

  • 20 cuddly toys, almost all of them cute
  • 15 bibs with sometimes dubious messages ("belle comme tata")
  • clothes not often adapted to the seasons (a great down jacket in size 6 months, perfect for this summer)
  • 3 baby care sets
  • numerous pairs of newborn shoes

And while the thoughtfulness is always adorable, it's often hard to express that we'd have preferred useful everyday items rather than this bodysuit: "I love my mommy" in size birth.

To help you avoid letting your baby's room overflow with items as adorable as they are useless, we've put together our "almost perfect" birth list. We're counting on you to help us complete it.

Ideas for baby :

Élhée baby bottles

Why do we love them? The BibRond Élhée is distinguished by its airy lines, full of roundness, softness and poetry. The softness of its materials and its subtle, delicate texture offer sensations akin to breast-feeding. What's more, Elhée products are made from medical-grade silicone that respects our children's health.

1 month or more subscription
to JOONE diapers

The magazine "60 millions de consommateurs" has ranked the JOONE brand number 1 for diapers. Ecological diapers made in France that take care of the planet and our babies' bottoms.

liste de naissance couche

HAMAC cloth diapers

Are you committed to zero waste? Adopt HAMAC's cute cloth diapers without delay. Good for baby's bottom, your wallet and the planet. What could be better?

couches lavables liste de naissance

A Pipouette doll

The Pipouette rabbit has 4 interchangeable faces: joy, anger, fear and sadness, and multiple combinations for discovering and experiencing emotions from the heart and body. A great life companion for children aged 0 to 10, to accompany them through frustrations, stormy tantrums, big sorrows, small and big scares and their most beautiful moments of joy.

A Mèzamé Paris life mat

The Mèzamé mats are specifically designed to accompany baby from his very first weeks and for many years to come. The mats are perfect for settling baby in during his awakening moments, so that he can discover, experiment and wake up comfortably, without constraint and in a way that respects his physiology.

The Tripp Trapp high chair
from Stokke

We love it because it grows with your child. You can use it right from birth, thanks to its complementary accessories like the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set. Not to mention its pretty design, which fits in with any interior. A must-have for your baby's birth list.

A Totseat nomad chair

When you become parents, you're not going to completely give up restaurants or meals with friends. We hope you'll maintain a rich social life. To make sure you're never in trouble when dining out, we recommend you add to your birth list the ideal, compact baby chair to take with you on vacations, weekends or when visiting friends. It fits almost any chair (from 6 months).

A pair of sunglasses
Ki Et La

Babies' eyes are fragile, so to protect them properly, sunglasses are an essential accessory. We particularly likethe DIABOLA model from Ki Et La. Ultra-evolutionary, they accompany baby from birth to 18 months.

The Charlie Cranebouncer

For us, this is unquestionably one of the best bouncers around. It's hot and fits perfectly into any interior. Its multi-ply beech wood construction and designer look are nothing like classic baby furniture. Its natural rocking motion gently adapts to your child's movements.

Bibs Liewood

The perfect models to prepare for diversification, and in particular for DME (child-led dietary diversification). The bib is waterproof, has sleeves and a tote pocket for catching everything.

Minois Paris skin care

There's no shortage of products to care for your baby's skin. We recommend using the most natural, fragrance-free products possible. If you're breast-feeding, your breast milk is your best ally for caring for baby's little wounds and allowing cords to heal. For the brave, you can even make soap from your own milk.

And for everyone else, if there's one brand to adopt, it's Minois Paris. A line of natural skincare products for babies and children, made in France to the highest standards.

A Trousselier music box

Music boxes are great allies for creating a lovely ritual around naptime or bedtime. Their melodies soothe baby and create a reassuring environment. The Trousselier models are definitely our favorites. A must-have gift idea for your baby's birth list.

BIG woodies
from Boogy Woody

A super-cute decorative object made entirely from natural wood.

An adorable, evolving sleeping bag
Les Petites Billes

Les Petites Billes magical sleeping bags are ultra-evolutive, accompanying baby from 6 to 24 months through all seasons thanks to removable linings and snaps for size adjustment. Another gift that lasts over time for the good of the planet.

The timeless must-have
Sophie the Giraffe

Did you know they've been handcrafted for over 50 years? Sophie the giraffe is baby's first toy to awaken all 5 senses, from as early as 3 months!

Thanks to its soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), it's ideal for soothing baby's gums when teething.

A Nobodinoz teepee

Nobodinoz is a Franco-Spanish decoration brand for babies, children and adults. With this super teepee, you can make children's dreams come true. They'll be able to play and let their imaginations run wild, inventing beautiful stories and creating wonderful memories.

Ideas for moms
to add to their birth list

Nursing shells
Baby Shell

Whether you're a glutton, a cuddler or an insatiable nibbler, little baby can be a real handful for you. The Baby Shell nursing shell is placed directly on the nipples and held in place by the bra. This completely natural method relieves some of the discomforts associated with breastfeeding and gently protects your nipples. The soft touch of mother-of-pearl is cool and soothing. Discreet and reusable, the shell is a glamorous breastfeeding accessory.

A postpartum massage

Did you know that in Bali, mothers receive a full postpartum massage for 40 days after giving birth? For young mothers, this is an important time to regenerate the body and recharge the spirit. A real break, sometimes the first since the birth.

In Biarritz, we invite you to discover le Corner de Sophie and for our Parisian friends, visit La Maison Suisen.

Minty Wendy nursing jewelry

A great gift idea for mom is the Minty Wendy babywearing and breastfeeding jewel. As well as being pretty, this jewel is ideal for keeping baby occupied while breastfeeding or during your baby-wearing outings. Baby's chubby little hands will leave your hair, nostrils and other parts for these soft, lightweight beads.

Organic and healthy snacks
for young mothers JOLLY MAMA

Jolly Mama snacks have been designed to help you regain energy, stay in shape, fight cravings and cover the extra energy needs of breastfeeding. There's nothing but goodness in their cereal squares: organic, natural, tasty and, of course, full of love.

A TajineBanane nursing t-shirt

To help you breastfeed everywhere, all the time, the very cool brand TajineBanane makes breastfeeding clothes that we love to wear every day. This young brand has helped many moms come to terms with breastfeeding in public, and for that we say: THANK YOU!

Ideas for the family
to add to your birth list

A super co-sleeping bed

At Mama Hangs, we proudly uphold the values of proximal mothering: breastfeeding, co-sleeping and babywearing. Because a baby should always be at the heart of the family and as close as possible to his or her parents, a co-sleeping bed is a great gift for loved ones. If possible, choose one with the option of reclining. That way, if your little one suffers from reflux problems, you can adjust the bed's inclination to relieve him or her.

Here, the Iora Essential model from Bébé Confort.

Two hours of housework

For the first few days with baby at home, your only priority should be to spend some sweet time with him, and to sleep on his time. Sleep as much as you can: the best advice for young parents. If you don't want to be overwhelmed by daily chores, especially housework, get yourself two hours of household help.

With the Hoper website, you can now book a housekeeper in just three clicks. Super convenient!

A family photo session

"It goes by too fast" A cliché phrase? Maybe... but it's so true! You're going to be fascinated by the speed at which your baby changes. And like all parents, you'll regularly dream of stopping time. Organizing a photo session is the perfect opportunity to immortalize life's most beautiful moments.

And if you live near Bordeaux or the Basque Coast, we can't recommend Pauline Roussely ! Take a look at her sublime work.

A baby massage workshop

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of massage on our little ones: better sleep, increased confidence, a feeling of security, relief from physical discomfort and much more. A moment of sharing between parents and baby, a great opportunity to strengthen bonds while doing him good.

Constantine cradle chair

A piece of progressive furniture 100% made in France, Constantine will accompany you during baby's first year for wakes, feedings and other moments of complicity. As with the STOKKE chair, we appreciate the idea of an object that evolves with the child.

mobilier evolutif bebe liste de naissance

And of course, the indispensable

No successful birth list
without Mama Hangs.

For mom or dad, Mama Hangs baby-carrier clothes are the first baby carriers we can wear with or without baby. These products are also suitable for breastfeeding, and allow baby to sleep peacefully thanks to their headrest diaper, which slips easily into the front top section designed for this purpose.

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