Frequently asked questions

My partner and I don't have the same measurements at all. Can we go for the same size?

No, unfortunately that's the limit of this product. The Motherhood/Fatherhood sweatshirt is designed to be put on in less than 30 seconds, but as it is not adjustable, it must be adapted to the wearer's size.

For optimum support for your back and your baby, we recommend using our size chart.

I'm pregnant, how do I choose my size?

Your chest size is the most important measurement to take into account. So you can buy your babywearing accessory when you're pregnant.

Can I breastfeed while keeping my baby inside?

If your baby is less than 3 months old, and the sides are tight, it's possible to breastfeed your baby inside, but this may require a little gymnastics. 😅

Some mothers prefer to take their baby out and put him in the Madonna position (horizontal).

After 3 months, once you've loosened the straps, your baby descends into the carrier, making breast-feeding a breeze. 😊