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Innovative Absorbent Waterproof Micromodal

The design of our maternity bra "Day n' Night 2.0" maternity bra is designed to absorb milk leaks, preventing them from passing through, and providing you with maximum comfort and softness for a peaceful day and night.

It follows you from the first months of your pregnancy to your post-partumthroughout your breastfeeding and so much more.

Our products are inspired by maternity experience and our vision of what they should be: innovative, aesthetic, comfortable and ethical.

Our bra "Day n' Night 2.0" bra is a perfect illustration! For Véronique, breastfeeding her first daughter was an obvious choice, but she never expected to be flooded with milk. Between ill-fitting bras, nursing pads that move all the time and soaking wet clothes, her hyperlactation was an added challenge in the early weeks. Inspired by the menstrual panties boom, she looked for an equivalent for her overflowing breasts, but none existed.

So she set about developing this innovative innovative and tested it with her second child before making it available to all women!

100% comfort

When we're breastfeeding, we often wear our underwear, day and night. Its underwire-free construction, wide seamless elastic under the bust and micro modal fabric ensure exceptional comfort day and night. So long chafing! Its wrap-around construction is ideal for breastfeeding at night, giving you easy access to your breasts.

100% support

Motherhood and breastfeeding transform women's breasts, which are subject to variations in volume. What's more, breasts are sometimes painful and tense. That's why the MAMA HANGS nursing bra offers excellent support thanks to its front gathers, which allow it to adapt to provide comfort whatever your morphology.

Zero leakage

Thanks to its 4 membranes, the waterproof part quickly absorbs and stops all milk leaks.

Zero odor

Micro modal is a breathable fabric that limits the proliferation of bacteria and odors.

Zero moisture

Body heat enables the fabric to dry quickly.

Useful AND beautiful!

At MAMA HANGS, we reject the adage that "it's ugly, but it's practical". So design and style are also a strong point of this product. The "Day n' Night" nursing bra looks good, feels good and gives you confidence!

Available in four colors: black, olive, terracotta and blue-gray.

You can easily combine it with the "From Bump to Baby" headband.From Bump to Baby" headband.

A nursing top declination

We've turned our bra into a nursing top with the same features. Perfect as a pyjama top, under a sweater during the day or tucked into high-waisted jeans!

A sustainable, responsible product

Thanks to our "Day n' Night" maternity range, you'll no longer have to use and dispose of absorbent pads. What's more, like all our products, our nursing bra is made locally in Portugal from eco-friendly materials.

What's more, its comfort is such that you'll continue to wear it even after your child is weaned. It's also designed to withstand many washes, so you can keep it on as long as you like.

To complete your experience, we suggest 100% natural nursing balmfrom Laboratoires de Biarritz.