Our tips for choosing your MAMA HANGS baby carrier

You're expecting a baby or you're a young parent.
You're interested in physiological babywearing and would like to know more.
You're wondering which product to buy to carry your baby?
Discover the elements you need to make your decision.

Why carry my baby?

Babywearing is a time-honored practice that has been sidelined for several decades by Western populations in favor of strollers. The return to more natural, child-friendly ways of mothering has brought it back to the fore.

What are the benefits of holding your newborn close to you?

Benefits of physiological babywearing

  • It promotes emotional bonding. Physical proximity releases oxytocin, the attachment hormone.
  • Regulates baby's nervous system. Rhythm, warmth and scents soothe and reassure the baby.
  • The upright position facilitates digestion.
  • It stimulates tone and balance.
  • It promotes harmonious growth, with physiological development of the hips and spine.

Benefits for parents

  • Helps breastfeeding by stimulating lactation and facilitating latching on.
  • It allows you to respond quickly and appropriately to your baby's needs, giving you confidence.
  • It gives you the freedom to go about your business, while taking care of your little one - the "hands-free" function of parenthood!

Is portage suitable for everyone?

Which babies can be worn?

Newborns can be carried from birth. In the event of prematurity, please seek the advice of a health professional. There is no age limit for carrying a baby.

Check that your child's weight is compatible with the model you've chosen.

It is particularly beneficial for

  • Babies with digestive problems: GERD, colic, etc.
  • Little ones who have trouble soothing themselves
  • Children with delayed psychomotor development
  • Infants with congenital hip dislocation

My baby doesn't like babywearing. Is this normal?

Babywearing is beneficial for all children. If your baby doesn't like babywearing, cries or has difficulty wrapping himself in the wrap because he's stretched out, it's a good idea to talk to a professional. A manual therapist (osteopath, chiropractor) can detect whether tensions are at the root of the problem.

Who can carry him?

A baby can be carried by both mom and dad. It's a way for the father to forge a strong bond with his child, and to take over from his partner if she's breast-feeding, for example.

Depending on your post-partum situation (caesarean section scar, perineum), check with your midwife or gynecologist that there are no contraindications.

Babywearing doesn't require any particular physical condition, but you'll find that over time you'll gain in stamina!

Another adult can also use a babywearing accessory with your baby (grandparents, nanny) if you wish.

However, it is not advisable for another child to carry a baby.

When to carry your baby?

Babywearing can be adapted to a wide range of situations:

  • As a mode of transport, to drop your child off at the nursery or nanny's.
  • For walks over any terrain, making sure you're always comfortable in your effort.
  • For baby's naps: he'll fall asleep peacefully, and you'll have your hands free to get on with your chores.
  • For caring for your child. If he's in pain or with a fever, it brings him comfort.
  • Simply for pleasure!

Safety rules for carrying your baby

  • Up to 6 months, baby is carried in the prone position.
  • Always make sure your baby's nose and mouth are clear.
  • Make sure your baby is in a physiological position (our tutorials are there to guide you).
  • Sitting/crouching
  • Hips in retroversion
  • Back rounded
  • Head and trunk aligned
  • Hands within mouth's reach
  • No support for feet
  • Adapt your baby's outfit to the weather: a baby carrier is like a layer of clothing. If it's sunny, protect your child's head. You can match our baby bob to your carrying system.
  • Do not carry your child while sleeping.
  • Carrying is forbidden in a motorized vehicle: a car seat is essential for the baby.
  • Do not engage in sporting activities while babywearing.
  • Do not cook with your baby on you.

Mama Hangs physiological babywearing systems

All the products in our range can be carried physiologically in the prone position.

The CARRY & PACK baby carrier

Are you attracted to baby slings, but reluctant because of the knotting involved?

MAMA HANGS has developed this innovative baby carrier to make your life easier!

It provides all the softness and comfort of a sling without the constraints!

Simply slip it on, tighten the ties according to your baby's size and place him inside the carrying system.

Baby carriers for women and men

Are you a babywearing enthusiast who wants to make babywearing part of your life?

Our range of babywearing outfits is for you! Our babywearing outfits feature a built-in carrying system with drawstrings, so you can carry your baby from birth. When you put baby down, it becomes invisible and transforms into an everyday garment.

The sling

It's a sling that doesn't need knots, thanks to the double ring that holds the device in place. Carrying is asymmetrical, on one shoulder. Alternating positions is recommended for body balance.