Chapter 1

MAMA HANGS, a family story

Mama Hangs is the rather ordinary story of a mother who has just had her first child and is discovering unconditional love at the same time as the fear of not being up to the task.

January 2018: our eldest daughter Romy is born and I dive into motherhood at 200%, determined to enjoy every moment with her. She spends all her time on top of me in a sling, refusing to sleep in her own bed during the day!

In the early days, I often found myself alone with Romy, as François-Xavier (my husband) had to travel for work, and I was quickly encumbered with all my childcare accessories.

Although I'm relatively comfortable with the sling, I feel that something easier to use could exist, an accessory that's simpler to put on and that respects the baby's physiology and the wearer's ergonomics, while combining comfort, safety and style.

I had the opportunity to talk to a number of parents who shared their experiences with me, telling me about the limitations and drawbacks they had encountered.

Some are uncomfortable with the length of the wrap, the knots or the style. Others are not keen on bulky rigid baby carriers.

Having designed products for sports brands for 10 years, and being convinced that carrying and mothering your baby during the first months of life is essential, I decided to combine my professional experience with my personal convictions to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and bring Mama Hangs to life at the end of 2019, offering you innovative, physiological and easy-to-use baby carriers.

2020, the range is launched in the middle of the C... (hush, we won't talk about it anymore!). This seemed like the best (and worst!) time for François-Xavier, who had been present and supportive since day 1, to join the Mama Hangs adventure on a full-time basis.

From orders prepared and sent from our garage to our logistics partner a few kilometers from home, then from our living room table to real offices :) And so begins a great adventure!

Chapter 2

A high-performance range that's constantly evolving

Following the success of various babywearing models such as the Carry & Pack and the Motherhood / Fatherhood sweatshirt, the range has expanded to include innovative maternity and breastfeeding accessories.

When I was breastfeeding with Romy, I lost a lot of milk and belatedly discovered that I had hyperlactation.

I'm looking for solutions, but here, too, the offer on the market is rather limited.

Pregnant with our second daughter Georgia, we decided to create a bra that, like period panties, could replace the archaic nursing pads that don't stay in place.

Our innovative, absorbent and waterproof nursing bra Day n' Night 2.0

Launched in June 2022, our bras have already supported several thousand mothers in their breastfeeding, offering them comfort and serenity. And patience! The lingerie range will be expanding very soon :)

Our innovative, absorbent and waterproof nursing bra Day n' Night 2.0

In September 2023, our new Carry & Bloom baby carrier, on which we've been working for over 2 years, joins the range to accompany you until your child's 4th birthday.
So there's no need to limit yourself in your daily adventures or when traveling!

Chapter 3

Sourcing in Portugal

Portuguese tailoring was an obvious choice. After having worked for companies manufacturing mainly in Asia at rock-bottom prices, we wanted to follow our convictions and put people, quality and ethics at the heart of this project.

Our geographical proximity to our partners enables us to see them on a regular basis and establish solid relationships based on trust.

Our materials are chosen with the greatest care to bring you safety and comfort.

Our cotton is organic and GOTS certified. The other materials we use are chosen according to self-imposed internal criteria that we don't want to deviate from.

So yes, all this comes at a price for us and for you. We're fully aware of this, but even though we can't compete with the giants of the childcare industry, local production was of paramount importance to this project.

By making well-considered consumer choices, we're shaping our children's future.

More than a brand, Mama Hangs is a human adventure, a desire to accompany you in your daily life as young parents, to make life easier so that you only have to concentrate on your baby and those precious moments!

Portugal - October 2021